Download Yowhatsapp Latest Version 17.80 For Android

Download YoWhatsapp Latest Version 17.80 For Android

YoWhatsApp has released version 17.80 (also known as 10.06) 2024, which has several incredible new features (including Anti Ban). Well, Yousef Al-Basha has been adding new features to the YOWA apk with each release. You will, however, notice the special features this time. Thus, enjoy the app and get the most recent version of YoWhatsApp apk from this page.

There are a ton of third-party WhatsApp applications on the internet these days. The majority of users look for and download WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. due to the fact that these apps offer more functions than WhatsApp’s official client. YoWA is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers similar extra functionality to other mod apks.

With over a billion users, WhatsApp stands as one of the greatest and most widely used messaging programs. The SMS service is now replaced by it. On the other hand, the official app has a lot of functions. In a matter of seconds, you can communicate text, documents, movies, and pictures. Also, with each upgrade, WhatsApp adds new functions. However, most consumers are constantly searching for more features. Whatsapp’s features are limited, though. Because they satisfy users’ needs, third-party and modified versions of WhatsApp are well-liked.

There are a ton of WhatsApp tips and tricks available, and the actual software offers much more functionality. With an official app, you can do a lot more than just alter the WhatsApp theme or font color. You can also set a lengthy movie as your WhatsApp status. Additionally, you don’t need a moded WhatsApp app if all you want to do is use two accounts on the same phone. since a lot of cellphone firms these days offer an integrated option to achieve this. However, there are numerous other benefits to using this mod apk.

Concerning YoWhatsApp Apk

YoWhatsApp, often known as YoWA, is a modified version of WhatsApp that has been given additional functionalities. The inventor of the app, Yousef Al-Basha, is a well-known figure in the mod apk community, and his name served as inspiration for the app’s name. The developer’s initial name, Yo, and the word WhatsApp are the sources of YoWhatsapp’s official moniker, YoWA.

YoWA lets you send a message without storing the recipient’s telephone number in your contacts, share larger files, and more. It also has an integrated app lock feature. The last seen, double tick, blue tick, and other privacy settings can all be hidden. YoWhatsApp is comparable to WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. However, these three apps differ in a few key areas.

Most of the users use these modded versions to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. Also, some users want to increase the file size limits, and YoWhatsApp and other modded versions easily do that.

In addition to these functions, it lets you modify the default green hue of WhatsApp. Therefore, utilize the most recent version of Yowa to change the theme entirely if you’re tired of the color green. Because it contains an emoji variant, it is also ideal for fans of emojis.

Note: YoWhatsApp is not accessible on the Google Play Store and is a third-party app. It is not secure for your privacy or security to download apps from the internet or from unidentified sources. Utilize this app at your own peril, then.

Conditions for Downloading and Installing YoWhatsapp

The criteria for installing this software are the same as those for an official WhatsApp application, and it may be installed on any Android smartphone. However, the list of prerequisites is below.

  • Android OS Version 4.0 or higher is required.
  • A functional internet connection.
  • To create an account, enter your mobile number.
  • You nee to use an Android emulator program like Bluestack in order to install it on a PC.

Download YoWhatsApp’s Most Recent Version for Android, 17.80 (10.06).

We consistently offer the most recent YoWA apk version. Thus, you can use the link below to get the most recent version of YoWhatsApp, which is 17.80 (also referred to as 10.06). The Anti-Ban feature is included in the latest version. Keep this page bookmarked for any updates that come up.

  • YoWhatsApp is the application name.
  • Version of App: 17.80 (10.6)
  • bundle com.Whatsapp
  • Updated April 24, 2024
  • 76.1 MB of app size
  • Android Platform
  • Requirements for Android Version 5.1+
  • APK file type
  • Developer: Yousef Al Basha, originally from Fouad Mods
  • Not Require Rooting
  • No License
  • 4.1 Popularity Rating

If you have been banned, then you need to uninstall the old version of YOWA. After that, reinstall YOWA latest version 10.06.

What’s New in YoWhatsApp 17.80 (Change Log for YoWhatsApp Version 10.06)

Note: Yousef Al Basha, the program’s original developer, has halted work on the YOWA app. Therefore, Fouad mods are the source of the most recent updates. Another option is to use YoWhatsapp-Heymods.

The list of features included in the most recent version of YOWA is provided below. This update’s changelog is the only one available. You can examine every feature of YoWhatsapp by scrolling down to the changelog list.

  • Base updated to, the most recent version
  • WhatsApp now has a new user interface.
  • See the Linked Device’s Channels and Post Status.
  • Change the text color, icon color, and call screen background color options.
  • Added ability to look up messages by date.
  • Edit the code for Hide Blue Ticks.
  • Media that can be seen once is unlimited.
  • Re-added option to display the light/night icon on the home screen.

Resolved issues with the following: some phones’ inability to hide the view status; swipe row features not functioning; rounded entry recording audio; search in calls; space when scrolling some UI Android 13+ backup/restore problems, Android 14+ theme download problems, Random crash in the Bubble Bottom Bar, Android 14+ Backup/Restore issue, Storage issue in Android 14, and crash on some phones.

  • In order to use the app anonymously, Ghost Mode was included. Everyone will be unable to see you.
  • View the History of Message Edits.
  • Custom chat controls for media downloads.
  • Ability to modify permissions for groups.
  • Your account allows you to add an email address.
  • The previous WhatsApp user interface is enabled.
  • Media Preview functionality.
  • The ghost mode symbol now has a show/hide option.
  • Pack of iOS 2023 Emojis added.
  • Added media backup/restore functionality.
  • ability to view other people’s pinned messages.
  • Chats may be moved across phones without using Google Drive.
  • Messages in private chats can be pinned.
  • The DPs of group members are now visible in chat.
  • Anti-Ban Protection.
  • Custom font loading is an option.
  • Fresh “Message a number” user interface.
  • Option to Hide Status Cutter FAB added.
  • On the status page, hide the Save and Mark Seen buttons.
  • A hidden camera icon from the top bar option has been added.
  • Make a WA avatar.
  • For me, Undo erased the message.
  • View the contact view page and status from home.
  • An option to prevent direct translation has been added.
  • A fresh way to forward material along with a caption.
  • The message box now has a straight translate icon.
  • Message yourself to store your notes.
  • Entry styles now have more attachment possibilities.
  • Reposting tales now has an option.
  • You can now make a zip file backup.
  • Added option for group voting and poll creation.
  • A group admin indication on/off option has been introduced.
  • To send numerous files from chat to external apps simultaneously, a new option has been provided.
  • A fresh drawing pen was added.
  • Text status UI and new status design UI.
  • introduces a prompt response to status.
  • Evacuate the group in secrecy, keeping others in the dark.
  • Sort unread messages in the search results.
  • A custom double-tap to emoji feature has been added to each discussion.
  • For text status, customize the text and backdrop color.
  • For privacy, display a notification for prohibited calls.
  • Turn off the double tap to like feature.
  • Addition of a Call Reject feature without internet access. ☺
  • Once the talk has ended, listen to voice notes in the background.
  • To like a message, double-tap.
  • Use the direct contact link option to rapidly share contact information.
  • To send an emoji as a response, touch the plus symbol.
  • Verify before forwarding the status update.
  • Media now has the ability to copy captions.
  • A feature to pause and continue recording voice notes has been implemented.
  • Additional privacy settings for DP and last seen.
  • React by giving any message a lengthy press.
  • If you disable media visibility, you can store media to the gallery.
  • In-app translation, a toast for the status view, the total number of messages, and buttons to scroll up and down in the messages screen choices have all been added.
  • There are now more choices for vanishing messages. 24 hours, 7 days, or even 90 days are options.
  • Each message that a contact in the group has sent is visible to you.
  • The color of the online dot can now be altered.
  • A download option for films and photos has been added.
  • View photos and videos once, at any time.
  • Dark/light theme mode for all dialogs.
  • Redesign of the lock screen (pin and pattern).
  • Message scheduling and one UI design auto-reply were introduced.
  • Added a new option to save profile pictures.
  • Get the story with sharing and copying options by downloading it.
  • Voice changer translations have been added.
  • Every bug has been fixed.


Is YoWhatsApp compatible with iPhone/iOS?

No, iOS does not support YOWA. To install this software, you must have an Android device.

Can I set it up on a Windows computer?

Sure, using an Android emulator on a Windows computer, you can install it. For Windows PC users to install apk files, they require Android simulator software.

Is using it safe?

It is safe, indeed. But malware or spyware might be present in these programs. It makes use of legitimate WhatsApp services, nevertheless.

Is it compatible with the official WhatsApp app?

Yes, you may manage two accounts at once using YoWa and the official WhatsApp app (two cell numbers are required to create two accounts). The app does not need to be uninstalled.

Can I use a single phone number to access both YOWA and the official Whatsapp app?

No, this is not possible for you to do as WhatsApp does not permit this. For the second app, you require a second cellphone number. On two mobile phones, one WhatsApp account can be used, though.

Are the themes supported?

Indeed, this app’s best feature is that it supports YoWa themes. In essence, the themes are the main reason why the majority of YOWA users adore this software. Themes can be changed via the settings.

Last Remarks

Thus, folks, below is the link where you may get YoWhatsApp 17.80. These days, many people utilize this modified version of WhatsApp due to its special capabilities. But there are also a ton of other modified versions out there. However, YoWhatsApp offers a tonne of fresh features that are unmatched by any other software. Thus, you have to give this app a try if you adore WhatsApp. Please ask any questions you may have regarding this app in the comments section.

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