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The more powerful version of WhatsApp is called Blue WhatsApp Plus APK or Bulu Whatsapp, and it can be downloaded from the Play Store. Some people known by this term “Bulu Whatsapp”. With this updated version of WhatsApp, you’ll be at the forefront of chatting and communication. There are more features included in this modified version of WhatsApp than in the current edition.

You don’t need to beg your pals to send you the status you prefer when using the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK version. You’ll be amazed to learn that the Plus edition of WhatsApp has a ton of extra features and isn’t your typical messaging software.

Bulu Whatsapp: Thus, downloading it offers you a competitive advantage over contacts that use standard WhatsApp. You may read a thorough review of the Blue Whatsapp Plus Apk version in this page. such as how to obtain and use it. What distinguishes it?

You’ve only read this far in the article because of the two features listed. We’ll talk about how the blue WhatsApp Plus version is transforming communication and enhancing the in-class chat experience below.

Blue WhatsApp Plus vs WhatsApp

✅Blue WhatsApp PlusWhatsApp

Direct Message

File Sending Limit
999 MB100 MB

Themes Store
Forwarding Limit
Unlimited Chats5 Chats

Security Lock
Download Status
Bulk Message
Status Length

Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
Second Tick
Typing Status
DND Mode
Emoji Variants
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Blue WhatsApp Plus

Features Of Blue WhatsApp Plus | Bulu Whatsapp

You’ve only read this far in the article because of the two features listed. We’ll talk about how the blue WhatsApp Plus version is transforming communication and enhancing the in-class chat experience below.


You can be particular about the color and theme of your mobile apps; after all, it’s your phone. Over the years, WhatsApp has maintained the same green screen and won’t be changing its theme anytime soon.

Adapt your conversations and interactions with friends and family to your humor and emotional state.

Security and Privacy Management

The primary aspects that attract users to different online chat applications are privacy and security capabilities. Since social media applications are the digital repository for all conversations and memories, everyone wants them to be safe and private.

Blue Whatsapp | Bulu Whatsapp is all about end-to-end encrypted chat, as everyone is aware. Because of this, it’s the most reliable messaging program.

he benefit of using the Blue Whatsapp Plus apk | Bulu Whatsapp is that you may customize the privacy settings based on who you know. Certain conversations with your contacts can also be made private.

When you receive a message that someone has deleted without you reading it, it can be extremely unsettling. However, all of the deleted chats can be recovered with the Plus version.

One other advantage of this function is that you will be informed if any of your friends choose to remove the message. While audio calls and video chats are now much better with Blue Whatsapp, the calling experience has yet improved. On standard WhatsApp, however, you have to ban the user in order to prevent them from calling or contacting you.

Let’s say you’re sick and tired of obnoxious contacts that phone you randomly and don’t respect your privacy or schedule. Next, you can choose who can call you using the privacy setting available in the Blue Whatsapp Plus APK Version | Bulu Whatsapp APK .

Those who are introverted or prefer not to interact with their family will find this version of Plus to be an invaluable resource.

Backup Information

As previously said, Blue WhatsApp has evolved into a virtual repository for memories. We save all of our memories in films, images, and chats. Over time, WhatsApp loses the ability to store the entire backup file. You will receive half upon restoration, and the other half is lost forever.

With the understanding of the value of all those moments captured in photos and conversations, the Blue WhatsApp Plus apk version | Bulu Whatsapp allows you to backup your data with total security and retrieve it whenever you choose.

Easy Data Transfer

Do you know how annoying it may be to want to send a group text to a number of people at once, but WhatsApp only allows you to send a group text to five recipients at a time? After then, you have to repeat the process.

To avoid any problem, get the Blue Whatsapp | Bulu Whatsapp Plus Apk and send unlimited mass texts. Whatsapp also prevents you from transmitting anything bigger than 100 MB, however the Plus version makes it simple to send up to 30 images and 100 messages at once.

Turn Off the Camera Feature

How often have you unintentionally taken a picture and shared it with your contacts? When your phone malfunctions or occasionally detects the incorrect hand touch, it occurs.

All of the bugs and issues with the Plus version have been fixed with the new releases. You can therefore benefit from a more seamless Blue WhatsApp | Bulu Whatsapp plus blue APK version.

Hidden Forward Message

You don’t have time to write to every person on your list when there’s an event or holiday, so you have to send out some greetings instead.

You can therefore forward the precise message that your pals sent you. However, WhatsApp will indicate that the message has been forwarded or forwarded multiple times when you forward it at the top.

However, you may quickly hide the caption of this forwarded message with the blue WhatsApp | Bulu Whatsapp Plus apk version. You may easily create your own Avatar with the Plus version. One of the entertaining methods to announce yourself on the digital stage is through an avatar.

Status Reporting

These days, it’s customary to share your recollections via WhatsApp status updates. There’s seldom a day or hour that goes by when one of your contacts doesn’t have anything new to share on WhatsApp Story.

Each person has a diverse range of statuses on their contact list. Some share simple daily photos, mood status updates, or music. Every contact list has a friend whose clever meme-sharing makes us smile.

When you like someone on WhatsApp, you have to message them to request that they send you the shared image or video, which requires you to wait. However, you can download the status straight from Blue WhatsApp | Bulu Whatsapp Plus apk if you like it.

This is thrilling and time-saving, isn’t it?With the Plus apk, you can even download the profile photographs of your contacts, so you can stop taking hazy screenshots of their photos while using WhatsApp.

Blue WhatsApp’s | Bulu Whatsapp Features Never Cease to Surprise Me

Blue Direct Chat You have the choice to engage in direct chat with WhatsApp Plus apk. The inconvenience of having to save the number in your phone’s contact list before it can be updated on WhatsApp and used to text the recipient. As far as we are aware, WhatsApp has supplanted SMS as the most popular messaging app.

However, the Plus apk eliminates this hassle by allowing you to communicate with the person directly through their phone. At this point, you can type the number to send a message. This feature is fantastic in an emergency. Furthermore, the profile images of those unsaved numbers can be kept.

How is the Blue Whatsapp | Bulu Whatsapp Plus APK installed?

I’m sure you’re all itching to get your hands on this fantastic Blue WhatsApp | Bulu Whatsapp Plus edition. Allow me to walk you through the installation of this application.

  • Select the “Download Now” option.
  • Open the phone’s settings, navigate to the security section, and enable the feature that permits downloads from untrusted sites.
  • It takes some time for Blue WhatsApp to download.
  • You can now click on the install icon.
  • Type in your phone number and the activation code.
  • Open the app after activating your account to experience the next level of communication.

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