Blue WhatsApp for IOS, WhatsApp for Iphone Users without any Jailbreak

Blue WhatsApp for IOS or IPhone Users without any Jailbreak

Our consumers want the iOS version of Blue WhatsApp. Our engineer created the most recent version of Blue WhatsApp for iPhone users without the need for a jailbreak because, as you may know, there are 3 billion users worldwide.

Both the software and user assistance are free for iPhone users. Reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone 15 now. As you are aware, running this iOS version on any iOS device requires 90 spaces.

Our consumers ask that we inform them of everything pertaining to WhatsApp for iOS because of the app’s widespread adoption and great user experience.

For iPhone users, we will inform you about the most recent version here. Features added to this version Incorporate security mechanisms and motifs, such as the iOS security system.

Blue Whatsapp

The more powerful version of WhatsApp is called Blue WhatsApp Plus APK or Bulu Whatsapp, and it can be downloaded from the Play Store. Some people known by this term “Bulu Whatsapp”. With this updated version of WhatsApp, you’ll be at the forefront of chatting and communication. There are more features included in this modified version of WhatsApp than in the current edition.

Blue Whatsapp for iPhone Users

Simple to install on iOS devices and download. No jailbreak is needed in order to install. This version of WhatsApp for iOS devices also comes with additional official and up-to-date features. Add updated features to it as well.

blu WhatsApp is a third-party program that has been altered based on user requests. This app’s developers created it with ease of use in mind. As you are aware, there isn’t a second number app for chatting on the iPhone. This app facilitates communication.

Blue Whatsapp

Info About Blue WhatsApp for iPhone and iOS

Here, we talk about various WhatsApp app information for iOS and iPhone.

  • The file size to download is 114 MB.
  • This app was last updated on March 31, 2024.
  • The user does not need to pay to use this software; it is completely free. It works with every iteration of iOS.
Name of AppBlue WhatsApp IOS/WhatsApp blue/ Bulu Whatsapp
File APK
Blue Whatsapp

New features added to the iOS version

  • Hide your online status from others.
  • Hide was last observed by the other.
  • Able to disable chat’s second tick.
  • Additionally, WhatsApp UI can be customized.
  • Additionally, you can display your entire photo on WhatsApp’s desktop.
  • On the iOS version, you can send more than ten media files.
  • Click to send a lengthy voice message.
  • With the most recent iOS release, you can use your Apple ID to freeze your WhatsApp account.
  • Music can be sent via the iPhone directory.
  • There will also be 100 MB files supplied.
  • The fundamental font style of WhatsApp for iOS.
  • Text can be customized with different colors.

How to Set Up iOS Blue WhatsApp

  • You should first remove the official WhatsApp messenger app from your iOS device.
  • Once the official WhatsApp has been removed from your computer, use your browser to download the IPA file. The URL to download it is provided here.
  • The Cydia impactor should then be downloaded from the provided link.
  • Open the Cydia impactor after connecting your iOS device to the PC via a data transfer cord.
  • In the Cydia impactor, drag the IPA file now.
  • Cydia Influencer will then ask for your Apple ID and password after this step. If this doesn’t sit well with you, use a different Apple ID and password.
  • Go to settings, choose general, and then profiles after installing the application.
  • Once the profile has been chosen, use your Apple ID to open it.
  • Following the pressing of the developers’ trust button, you can now use the app.

Our developers send out emails and SMS with some of the most common questions.


Is there an iOS version of the blue WhatsApp?

Because Blue Whatsapp is a third-party software, it cannot be found on the iOS app store. The original WhatsApp Plus app for your iPhone is available through Cydia Impactor.

Is there an iOS version of the blue WhatsApp?

blu Because Whatsapp is a third-party software, it cannot be found on the iOS app store. The original WhatsApp Plus app for your iPhone is available through Cydia Impactor.

Does iOS support the blue version of WhatsApp?

It is safe to use blue WhatsApp on iOS smartphones. All you know is that iOS devices can safeguard user privacy and are extremely secure. Thus, just like iOS security, our developers have created a safe and secure device for iOS. It can be utilized as a secure WhatsApp.


We have covered every detail of utilizing blue WhatsApp on iOS here. We also describe all the features and applications for you.Now allow me to tell you about this iOS app that you can download and install.

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