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Download Blue Whatsapp and Get to know it’s Features

Are you seeking for an enhanced version of WhatsApp that includes several new features? If so, sure! The updated version with the blue motif can then be downloaded for Android by downloading Blue WhatsApp Plus APK. You can use it to completely conceal your online identity. Personalize its microphone settings with a variety of high-end options. It has an easy-to-use interface and is available for free to everybody. It also grants it access to the DND mode. Thus, you are welcome to download and enjoy all premium features for free permanently. Across the globe, it is the most downloaded communication app. Facilitate communication with others and your closest friends.

WhatsApp Plus APK in blue

Make your life easier than it was with the original WhatsApp APK by downloading the most recent version of the blue WhatsApp Plus APP APK from this link. because it offers a number of free, unlocked, updated features. It’s not necessary for you to use real money or download numerous apps to your Android devices.

Thus, you can use it without indicating whether you are online or offline at any time or place. To further enhance your business globally, you can also enable auto-reply on both your personal and business accounts. Moreover, it doesn’t require a subscription or registration. Now alter the typefaces and themes you’re using, as well as the icon.

Details Of The Blue WhatsApp Files:

App NameBlue WhatsApp
Size74 MB
Last Update22 APRIL 2024

Blue Whatsapp

Download Blue Whatsapp From below:

Blue WhatsApp Plus’s Latest Version’s Features

Compared to other chatting apps, Blue WhatsApp has a ton of added features. We will now go over a few features one by one:

Put Your Double Tick & Blue Tick Away

With the most recent version of WhatsApp Mod APK Download, you may conceal your blue tick. Indeed! Without displaying, you are able to read and receive all messages. You may download and use this wonderful function, which really makes life easier. Furthermore, you can disable the double tick from your accounts without having to pay a dime for it.

Additionally, messages can be sent while offline. On the designated contact number, write the message. Your device will instantly send to another in a matter of seconds when it connects to a slow internet connection. With limitless premium features, it is free.

Hide Your Typing & Online Status

Additionally, you can simply disable this function to hide your online status from your accounts. Just select Privacy from the Settings, set Online Status to Nobody, and click Save. Everyone may easily utilize the Blue WhatsApp APP APK and GB WhatsApp APK due to its simplicity.

Furthermore, you have the option to conceal your typing status while interacting with others, particularly your friends. Prior to sending your own communications, see what they send you first. You can utilize it day or night without revealing your online status to others.

Utilize these premium features to increase the amount of fun you have with your closest friends and other people while being anonymous.

Savor Free Phone Calls

Use the free download of the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK to enjoy the free calling feature on it when you want to talk to others. Additionally, you may have free video and audio chats with people anywhere in the world using this global application without having to pay a dime.

Additionally, it enables you to take advantage of group calls, wherein up to ten individuals can converse simultaneously and without any registration. This official blue WhatsApp + APP APK, which comes with unlocked capabilities, is completely safe and secure.

Customize the Theme In The Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Install the blue WhatsApp Plus app, then personalize your account as you see fit. Download it to your Android device if you’re bored with the same hue you’ve been watching all your life. Both the blue theme and the blue icon color will be applied to your devices and WhatsApp account.

Moreover, you can alter the wallpapers on it by accessing all of the themes, colors, and wallpapers that are unlocked. With the WhatsApp Messenger APK, you can quickly and simply change the icon and style for free. Moreover, simply restore and backup your account with a single click.

Modify the Font & Colors

Furthermore, it offers a variety of unlocked colors. You can customize the appearance of your account and select your preferred color. Everyone may easily alter and personalize it at any time and from any location. Furthermore, you can adjust the font to your preference. To do so, click the settings button in the upper right corner of the screen, choose the chat option, and adjust the font size.

After that, choose the font size option and adjust the small, medium, and big sizes. Furthermore, select a font style from the following options: bold, italic, strikethrough, Calibri, Jokerman, Bookman Old Style, and monospace.

Save Your Profile Picture & Status

Additionally, suppose you wanted to save someone’s status to your device’s gallery because you liked it. Then there’s no need to download an additional Android WhatsApp Status downloader. Just click the download link provided to start using the all-in-one app. Indeed! The most recent version of the Blue WhatsApp Plus APP APK can be downloaded and used as a status saver.

Users don’t need to obtain permission or download pointless programs in order to save images and videos. Moreover, you can store any contact’s profile picture on your Android devices without additionally storing their phone number. Additionally, exchange messages without storing them.

Send Messages With Scheduling and Auto-Reply

You can utilize the scheduling messages function of the Blue WhatsApp Plus APP APK for free without having to pay a dime. The greatest WhatsApp scheduler app, Blue WhatsApp plus Mod APK, will be downloaded by the user and opened. Next From your contact list, select a GB WhatsApp contact or group.

Next, type your message, choose the time and date for it to be sent, and select Save. You may also send auto-reply messages with it; if you have a business account, you should take use of these fantastic features. Just compose the auto-reply, download it, and save it.

Comparison of Blue Whatsapp VS Whatsapp

FeatureBlue WhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Direct MessageYesNo
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes StoreYesNo
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security LockYesNo
Download StatusYesNo
Status Length255 characters139 characters
Bulk MessageYesNo
Icon ChangeYesNo
Custom FontYesNo
Freeze Last SeenYesNo
Hide Blue TicksYesNo
Second TickYesNo
Typing StatusYesNo
DND ModeYesNo
Emoji VariantsYesNo
Always OnlineYesNo
Hide Media From GalleryYesNo
Send Web Images DirectlyYesNo
Multi App Language SupportYesNo
Send Images in Full ResolutionYesNo

Blue Whatsapp

Features of Blue Whatsapp

Get the Blue WhatsApp plus APP APK from this page to enjoy the free all-in-one app that has all of the premium features unlocked. Let’s examine the more important aspects!

  1. Download the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK for free.
  2. Its UI is easy to use for all users.
  3. You can use it to hide your typing and reading state when online.
  4. Additionally, disable the double and blur ticks.
  5. Download your preferred state with just a few clicks.
  6. You can save your preferred theme and alter the icon.
  7. You can also alter the font’s style and size.
  8. It supports DND Mode, so you don’t have to turn off your phone.
  9. It also offers free support for the microphone configuration.
  10. Savor WhatsApp Plus Anti-ban APK
  11. Install the finest WhatsApp scheduler app and enable auto-reply.
  12. By default, it uses the blue theme and icon.
  13. You can always turn off the call.
  14. You can use your account’s fingerprint lock. 7. Pop-up advertisements are no longer displayed.
  15. There is no cost. Additionally, you can record the status. 10. To make it easier to recognize a participant, set their unique color and ringtone.
  16. No message will be removed from it by you.
  17. Easily restore and create backups
  18. Simple to use for all
  19. The app is completely safe and secure.
  20. Moreover, media from the gallery might be hidden.
  21. It supports a number of languages.

How to Get Blue WhatsApp on an Android Device

Before beginning, turn off Play Protect: This is because downloads from sources other than the Google Play Store may be blocked by Play Protect, which verifies the safety of apps. Once installed, you can turn it back on.

  1. Open the download page for WhatsAppBlue.App: To get there, tap the provided link.
  2. Click the download button: next to the Blue WhatsApp file to begin the download.
  3. APK file will be sent to your browser: by the Mediafire server.
  4. Download confirmation: Your browser will prompt you to confirm. To download the WhatsApp Blue APK, click OK.
  5. Finish the download: Hold off until the download is complete.

Install Blue WhatsApp Plus on an Android device. Maintaining Your Conversations
Concerned about losing your conversations after switching to WhatsApp Blue? Don’t worry—transferring your chat history is simple. This is a basic how-to.

Getting Ready

First, go into the Google Play Store settings and disable Play Protect.
Turn on installations from “unknown sources” in the settings of your phone. Installing apps outside of the Google Play Store is made possible by this.
Steps for Installation:

  1. Accept the Terms: Accept the terms when you open it to continue.
  2. Input Your Phone Number: Enter the number that is associated with your active WhatsApp account. Please wait before clicking “Next”
  3. Transfer Chats: At the bottom, there is a “Copy WhatsApp Data” option. Choose it.
  4. Complete Setup: Proceed with the next stages, just as you would with a conventional WhatsApp setup, adding a profile photo and entering your name.


Get the most recent Blue WhatsApp Plus APP APK version from this link, then enjoy the free app’s numerous unlocked premium features. To ensure that it is helpful to everyone, it includes an intuitive user interface. Sending and receiving messages without displaying your active and other statuses is simple. Additionally, downloading and using this app to access these services is completely safe and secure. What then are you trying to find? For Android smartphones, click this link to download and install Blue WhatsApp Plus APK. You may then use it anywhere, at any time. Additionally, save other people’s statuses indefinitely without their consent.

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