How to Hide blue tick in YoWhatsApp Android

How to Hide blue tick in YoWhatsApp Android: Quick Guide

The blue tuck feature on WhatsApp isn’t to everyone’s taste. In YoWhatsApp chats, did you realize that you may hide the blue tick? The first thing to do is open YoWhatsApp if you wish to do this.

  • Select the three dots located in the upper right corner of YoWhatsApp’s main screen.
  • Choose YoSetting and log into the account.
  • Choose Privacy, then click Read Receipts from the Privacy menu.
  • Your blue tick feature is now active.

If disabled, you cannot transmit or receive Examine the receipts. For group chats, read receipts are always sent.

Note: You can see each person’s blue tick, but others cannot see yours when they check at their receipts.

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